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What do we do about multiple readings? Since at least some of them are etymologically seperate, should they be given seperate ==Iaponica I==, ==Iaponica II==, &c headings? Or should they be considered variations of the same word? If so, the furi and romanizationes templates will probably have to be changed (or new ones for multiple readings added). And I'm not sure it's even possible to have it listed thrice in the Categoria:Lingua Iaponica. :-/ --Vlad 11:02 aug 4, 2005 (UTC)

You get a new ==Language== header every time there is a "new word"... I am still considering what makes a new word, but the criteria I have so far are:
  1. Has a different etymology (e.g. the, though if words sound or are spelled alike, their meanings may influence each other)
  2. Has different grammatical properties (e.g. belongs to a different declension, like acus, that (en) or un (fr)); or belongs to a very different part of speech (adjectives and nouns can be the same word, and adverbs and prepositions can be the same word, but a noun and a verb generally wouldn't be).
  3. Has a consistently different pronunciation set (i.e. not just 'sense A is pronounced /foo/ and sense B is pronounced /bar/' but even for example 'sense A is pronounced /foo/ and sense B is pronounced /bar/ normally and /foo/ when stressed')
Under this probably most multiple-reading ja words are probably "new words" (except maybe things like Nippon vs Nihon?) even if the meanings are identical. Is that sensible? I am thinking here of the dictum that speech is primary; if ja used phonetic writing only instead of its unique semantic writing system I don't think there'd be any thought of unifying the articles. Hmm...
As for being listed multiple times in a category, I filed it as a bug awhile ago, and it seems that the preferred behavior is referred to in bugzilla:1476, basically: make separate pages, probably with titles like 明日 (あした), 明日 (あす), 明日 (みょうにち), which are redirects to 明日 and included in Categoria:Lingua Iaponica under the appropriate sort key. —Myces Tiberinus 13:36 aug 4, 2005 (UTC)
[P.S. if you have the spare time to maybe you could maybe stop by #wiktionary on freenode sometime.]
Revertere ad "明日".