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This template is used to automatically generate a transliteration of some text. It should only be used as part of templates, not directly in entries.

This template is somewhat of a stopgap measure, and there are usually other (better?) ways to achieve the same effect. Most of the time, transliterations are accompanied by a link to a term, and in that case {{l}} will already provide a transliteration, so this template is unnecessary. Similarly, headword templates use {{head}}, which also makes a transliteration itself.


The language code (Wiktionary:Languages) of the language to transliterate for. The language must have a transliteration module (translit_module property in the Module:languages data). If the language has no transliteration module, the template gives an empty string.
The text to transliterate, which should be written in the given language.
The script code (Wiktionary:Scripts), which specifies the script to transliterate from. This is specific to the transliteration module; some are able to transliterate more than one script, and need this parameter to tell it which. For most cases, this can be left empty.
Overrides the module that should be used for transliterations. This is useful for testing purposes, or for demonstrating a transliteration module before it is used. It should not be used in templates intended for real use.


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