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'''Notatio dictionis.'''&nbsp; Dictiones quae notationi sunt, '''litteris grauibus'''&nbsp; et cum nexu scribas.&nbsp; (Formula [[Template:v|v]]&nbsp; iuuat, quae etiam linguam annotat, ut <nowiki>{{v|cu|пьсъ}}</nowiki>, quod aliquando litteris slavicis legi spera.)&nbsp; Dictiones priscas in ''litteris cursivis''&nbsp; et sine nexu scribas (quia formis uariis scriptae lemmata non merentur).&nbsp; Nexum ad indicem dictionum radicis eius (vide [[:Category:Radices]]) etiam addere libet.&nbsp; Cura ut loca addas, si potes.
'''The word's etymology.'''&nbsp; Words involved in the etymology appear in '''bold'''&nbsp; and are linked. (You can use the [[Template:v|v]]&nbsp; template, which also marks for language, for example <nowiki>{{v|cu|пьсъ}}</nowiki>, which proper browsers will someday be smart enough to render in a style appropriate for [[Church Slavonic]].) Protolanguage words are in ''italic'' &nbsp;and not linked (they are generally too unstable in form or spelling; they do not get entries). A link to the index of words from this root (see [[:Category:Radices]]) can also be put here explicitly. Be sure to list sources, if you can.