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We already have established many categories by root, of the following forms:
* [[:Category:Radices LatinasLatinae|Latin roots]]
*:Like [[:Category:Radice formīc]]: using macrons for vowel length, and maybe old diphthongs if recorded...
* [[:Category:Radices GraecasGraecae|Greek roots]]
*:Like [[:Category:Radice hᾱϝελι]]: In Greek script; use digamma, and h instead of breathing accents; use macrons, but not acute or circumflex (stress not being part of the root)
* Roots from other languages
*: Titled like <nowiki>[[Category:Radice ''lingua'' ''radix'']]</nowiki>, e.g. [[:Category:Radice Anglica niht]].
Every by-root category should be in a supercategory for roots of the language, for example [[:Category:Radices AnglicasAnglicae]]. This category should in turn be a subcategory of [[:Category:Radices]].
The choice of which form of a root with multiple forms, such as ablaut or varying spellings, to stand as a category may be somewhat arbitrary, but it may be best to choose one that can be seen in most of its derivatives, or is the most straightforward reflex of its reconstructed protoform... For Semitic languages probably the original triliteral root is the best way to go.
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