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Anglice +/-

  Haec dictio adhuc stipula est. Amplificando eam adiuvabis Victionarium meliorari.

Appellatio +/-

Praepositio +/-


  1. Prope; haud procul ab; circa.
    Come and sit by me.
  2. Per; transeunti.
    They journeyed by sea.
  3. Praeter.
    This bus goes by the church.
  4. Per, indicans dimensiones:
    Six feet by four.
    Sex pedes per quattuor.
  5. Indicans per quem; ut,
    1. auctorem:
      a sonata by Beethoven
    2. per quem aliquis adiurat:
      He swears by his poor old grandmother.
    3. per cuius auctoritatem vel potestatem:
      ten o’clock by my watch
    4. rationem vel proportionem:
      They sell eggs by the dozen.
  6. Indicans differentiam in comparationibus:
    John is older than me by five years.
  7. Indicans durationem:
    by night
  8. Non serius quam:
    He’ll be here by two.